The bees under threat - a possible solution

100 million years old Bee in Ambar

viele Varroen auf Drohnenlarve
Varroa mites on drone larva
Biene in Berstein 100 Millionen Jahre alt

The current situation of the bees has reached a very alarming state.
More and more diseases occur and there is no fundamental change in perspective. Bees suddenly disappear from thousands of colonies without any obvious reason. The beekeepers have to make use of chemical drugs and other chemical substances in the hive to fight diseases. The conclusion reveals, that the bee is not able to defend itself by using its own resources against disease. This means their immune system is under severe attack.


The Varroa, for example, shows this problem very clearly. We brought the mites from Asia, where the bees had lived with them for thousands of years without any problem, and all of a sudden all of Europe’s bee colonies collapsed under the Varroa.


There is no animal in nature that kills its host, as it would destroy its chances for survival. The Varroa does. Why?


The bee exists since more than 100 million years; man is much younger, only 1.5 million years. Us, the beekeepers, have started to interfere in the bee’s concerns about 100 years ago. And now we discover the bees' immune systems is weakened. Can it be assumed it has something to do with our way of interacting with the bees? It is very likely.

 If a living being is constantly exposed to severe stress factors it will weaken its immune system over time. We found that there are unintentional, or intentionally used beekeeping methods causing severe stress to the animals. There are also more toxins and chemicals in the hive and nature.

 We want to explain in detail what these stress factors are, and how they are avoided in order to guide the bees back to harmony with nature and restore their immune system.