swarm tendency


I used to believe, as is generally known, that swarming is a natural way of the bees to increase. A few years ago I've even built an Apidictor, a machine that displays if and when the bees swarm through the change of tones in the hive.

But since I have the colonies on Housel arrangement, the bees will not swarm.

It seems they all like it at home.
I always turn to the comparison, if your bed would be hang on the ceiling, wouldn’t you leave the house?

Now if the bees can see that an old queen no longer works, they make some supersedure cells and soon they have a new queen.

Of course we have to assume that each colony will swarm, if we did not leave enough room so as the queen can lay the required number of eggs.
Therefore, we work with an unlimited brood nest, no barrier fence, but more on this subject later.

Previously swarmed about 40% of the hives, now there are about 5%. And that is solely due to the proper arrangement of the honeycombs.