Help of the Plastic Frames

 With this fully drawn plastic frames, it is very simply to get normal bees used to small cells, within a few weeks.. This measure of 4.9 mm is necessary that the bees  can defend themselves against the diseases, without the use of chemicals.

Here we describe how the plastic combs are used.

Without the use of fully drawn plastic frames, this process takes years. They can be replaced with new frames within a short time, once the bees have learned to build this size correctly.

Adriano from Italy has found another factory, who also, I think accidentally,  produces
4.9 mm plastic combs.

Here the experience of Adriano with pictures of the two plastic combs - HSC and Rovergarden

It seems that they are of good quality and are usefull for our work. Adriano commented that several beekeepers there work with them and it works.
One difference is that the cell depth is greater than in the HSC - how the bees deal with is nice to see on Adrianos page at the bottom.

Here a HSC above and a Rovergarden beneath:




The plastic frames HSC are sold now from this shop:

Simpson Bee Supply
15642 Tiger Valley Road
Danville, OH 43014
Tel: 740-599-7914
at the bottom of page 4 you find the HSC


Hompage of HSC plastic frames:


Rovergarden in italy:

ROVERGARDEN Via Boccaccio 11 - 21023 Besozzo
Tel: 0332-970.000 e-mail: